Pulsed Microwave Attacks on US, Canadian, Embassy and Security Personnel: The Havana Syndrome

Published: 9 June 2021
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Peter Mooring, STOPEG Foundation


I created this page to document that directed energy weapon attacks on people are very real. Weapons have been developed that are invisible, silent and often go through-wall. This page is mostly about the physical damage caused by these weapons. There is another category of weapons based on electromagnetic waves also used today that is even more terrifying and can attack our brain. I will create a separate document for this. If you want to read more:

During the Cold War, the USA discovered that its embassy in Moscow was microwaved. This triggered a weapons race in deniable invisible weapons based on electromagnetic waves. The year was 1975. These weapons can attack the body and the brain. Some keywords: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), Neuro weapons, Microwave weapons, Microwave hearing, Sonic weapons, Psychotronic weapons, Non-lethal weapons, Brain zapping.

It appeared that the human body and brain are extremely vulnerable to electromagnetic energy. For example, the human body can be heated and cooked with a microwave weapon. The heart can be stopped and you can be forced to vomit, urinate or defecate. The human brain (neurons) can be influenced by forcing voices(microwave hearing), thoughts and emotions. Many ways have been discovered to attack a human being with these weapons.

After incidental reports, the USA sounded the alarm when their diplomats and security personnel got attacked in China, Cuba and Australia. A number of Canadian diplomats who were also attacked in Cuba sued their government for $28 Million, and, in contrast to their USA victims released much more details about these attacks. In this document I summarize these events and new events.

Weapons based on invisible radiowaves are the perfect weapons for individual control and group control. Attacks can easily be denied, and attacks can mimic known physical and mental symptoms. And once you have them, why not use them for personal gain?

These weapons are being developed and tested and used on real people. But governments keep silent. This is one of the best kept secrets in the world.

The government agencies using these weapons are trapped by their own crimes. They have always done research on people, done horrible things to people, but no one knew because there was no internet. They just got away with it. With the internet, for the first time in history, survivors could put their stories online for everyone to read.

With the Havana Syndrome reaching the general public there is an opportunity for the US government to offically acknowledge that these Electromagnetic weapons exist AND are being used for over 2-3 decades. This would create a legal mess at least. But it also paves the way for a worldwide ban on EM weapons similar to the ban on Nuclear weapons.

If you still wonder why EM weapons must be banned like Nuclear weapons then let me give you some reasons:

  • On 21 July 2009 NATO chief De Hoop Scheffer suffered a heart attack. He was in Belgium on the Belgian National Day. He had heart surgery. On 26 July 2009 Sarkozy, President of France, fell down while running. We were told his heart went out of sync for a short period of time, nothing to worry.
    How do we know if there were medical conditions that caused these heart problems or if EM weapons were involved?
  • During a horse race, the favorite horse suddenly starts galloping. Through the betting shops, you can win a lot of money.
    How do we know if the horse was exhausted or if EM weapons were involved?
  • These weapons are not that difficult to build. No doubt, there are now criminal groups (not affiliated with government organizations) that use these weapons to 'take out' people (by contract or otherwise). And their number will only increase.

Many innocent people have been and still are tortured or are subjected to testing with these weapons. This is called 'mind control experimentation', another word is MK-ULTRA(-2). The survivors put their stories on the internet and call themselves Targeted Individuals. Many people suffer and many people die. This has been going on for decades and goes on today. These crimes are among the worst in history and are a disgrace to humanity.

What we know so far

In this section I summarize what we know based on the information in recent main stream media articles mentioned on this page.

  • Microwave weapons are with us since the 1960's.
  • Microwave hearing (forcing voices into your brain without audio) is possible since the 1970's.
  • The NSA more or less confirms that agents already were attacked with microwave weapons in the 1990's.
  • Experts agree that US and Canada embassy staff in Cuba were attacked with pulsed microwaves.
  • US security personnel was also attacked in other countries including the US.
  • These microwave weapons go through glass and/or walls and/or wood.
  • US officials confirm 130 incidents of Havana Syndrome brain injury.
  • Most recent are the attacks on US staff in Vienna, Austria.

What we also know:

  • Many citizens claim that they are being attacked with these EM weapons and ask the police and their government for help. But so far they are not getting any help and the media is covering up their stories, or saying that these people are suffering from delusions or are mentally ill.

Recent articles and videos, July 2021


  1. Havana Syndrome Task Force to Be Led by Veteran of Hunt for Bin Laden
    The Wall Street Journal, 21 July 2021

New Havana Syndrome like attacks on Vienna, Austria, US diplomats (July 2021)

From [1]:

'Some of the patients described feeling as though they were standing in an invisible beam of energy. Many of them suffered debilitating symptoms, from headaches and vertigo to vision problems.
The first possible syndrome case in Vienna was reported a couple of months after Biden's Inauguration. That case and subsequent ones were reported to officials in Washington soon after they occurred. But the Biden Administration decided not to announce the Vienna outbreak—officials were concerned that any public disclosure about the cases would hamper ongoing U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement investigations, which are still under way in Vienna.'

From [2]:

'Vienna has long been a centre for diplomatic activity and has had a reputation as a hotspot for espionage, particularly during the Cold War. ... The city is currently hosting indirect talks between Iran and the US over attempts to resurrect the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Cases of the condition have been reported elsewhere in the world, but US officials say the numbers in Vienna are greater than in any other city apart from Havana.'


  1. Vienna Is the New Havana Syndrome Hot Spot
    The New Yorker, 16 July 2021
  2. 'Havana syndrome'-like mystery illness affects Vienna US diplomats
    BBC, 18 July 2021
  3. Austria investigating reported 'Havana syndrome' cases among U.S. envoys
    Reuters, 17 July 2021
  4. Austria probes reports of Havana Syndrome among US diplomats in Vienna
    CNN, 19 July 2021

Recent articles and videos, May, June 2021

From [1]:

'It could be a device that is as big as fitting into a vehicle or small enough to be carried in a backpack.' ... The US, Russia, China .. and Israel also has the same technology.'

From [2]:

'The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a bill that would boost medical care for American diplomats and spies who develop mysterious brain injuries amid an uptick in suspected directed-energy attacks on U.S. personnel at home and abroad.'


  1. Directed-energy attacks: The invisible threat Congress wants answers on (video)
    Politico, 7 June 2021
  2. Senate passes bill to aid directed-energy attack victims
    Politico, 7 June 2021
  3. As mystery over 'Havana Syndrome' lingers, a new concern emerges
    NBC News, 6 June 2021
  4. Microwave weapons that could cause Havana Syndrome exist, experts say
    The Guardian, 2 June 2021
  5. US officials confirm 130 incidents of mysterious Havana syndrome brain injury
    The Guardian, 13 May 2021

Senate Intel leaders say mysterious directed energy attacks appear to be increasing (April 2021)

From [1]:

'The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee warned Friday that mysterious invisible attacks that have caused debilitating symptoms appear to be on the rise against US personnel.'


  1. Senate Intel leaders say mysterious directed energy attacks appear to be increasing
    CNN, 30 April 2021

US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House (April 2021)

From [1]:

'Federal agencies are investigating at least two possible incidents on US soil, including one near the White House in November of last year, that appear similar to mysterious, invisible attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel abroad.'


  1. US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House
    CNN, 29 April 2021

U.S. probing suspected directed-energy attack on government personnel in Miami (April 2021)

From [1]:

'In Miami, several people reported symptoms similar to those exhibited by American spies and diplomats in Cuba starting in 2016 that became known as "Havana syndrome," three people said. It was unclear which agency the people in the Miami incident belonged to.'

'The attacks, which have caused varying symptoms including brain damage, are difficult to track and attribute with confidence due to their nature. The devices involved can be small and portable, and the symptoms can appear similar to other illnesses.'

Peter Mooring note: I often stated that there also must be portable devices, and that symptoms can appear similar to other illnesses.


  1. U.S. probing suspected directed-energy attack on government personnel in Miami
    Politico, 29 April 2021

U.S. troops increasingly vulnerable to directed-energy attacks, Pentagon tells lawmakers (April 2021)

From [1]:

'The Pentagon warned lawmakers this week about the growing and urgent threat of directed-energy attacks on U.S. troops in the Middle East and elsewhere, according to four people briefed on the matter.'


  1. U.S. troops increasingly vulnerable to directed-energy attacks, Pentagon tells lawmakers
    Politico, 22 April 2021

The Pentagon Fears That Deadly Microwave Weapons Are Undetectable (March 2021)

From [1]:

'Now the U.S. military wants a sensor that will alert soldiers when they are being attacked by microwave weapons. Because soldiers may not even realize they are under attack by a beam that is invisible to the eye, but painfully apparent to the brain.'


  1. The Pentagon Fears That Deadly Microwave Weapons Are Undetectable
    Forbes, 2 March 2021

An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies (2020)

From [1]:

'Military personnel (in Eurasian communist countries) exposed to non-thermal microwave radiation were said to have experienced headache, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration, as well as internal sound perception for frequencies between 2.05-2.50 GHz (Adams and Williams, 1976).'

'The areas near the ear were most sensitive to these RF exposures; modulating the RF energy could produce a variety of effects including the perception of "buffeting of the head" or pressure on the face/head without dizziness or nausea, a "pins and needles sensation," and a sound described as a "buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking" within the head for RF frequencies between 0.4-3 GHz, depending on pulse width, pulse-repetition frequency (PRF), and peak power density (Frey, 1962).'

'The committee finds that many of the acute, sudden-onset, early phase signs, symptoms and observations reported by DOS employees are consistent with RF effects. In addition, many of the chronic, nonspecific symptoms are also consistent with known RF effects, such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, cognitive deficits, and memory loss. It is not necessary for RF energy sources to produce gross structural damage to cause symptoms. Rather, as with the Frey effect or potential thermoelastic pressure waves, RF sources may trigger symptoms by transiently inducing alterations in brain functioning.'

'Recommendation 3-A. If research or assessments support the possibility of radio frequency (RF) energy as a cause of illness experienced by some of its employees, the Department of State should train and equip employees with the capability to measure and characterize their exposure to RF energy in real time should the need arise in the future.'

Peter Mooring note: 'pins and needles sensation'. I wrote this in 2010: 'It started (in 2006) with an electrical shower, that is the way it felt.'


  1. An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies
    National Academy of Sciences, 2020

CIA agents suspect they were attacked with microwave weapon in Australia

From [3]:

'While in their hotel rooms in Australia, both of the Americans felt it: the strange sound, the pressure in their heads, the ringing in their ears. According to these sources, they became nauseous and dizzy. They then traveled on to Taiwan to meet with intelligence officials there. They felt it again while in their hotel rooms on the island.'

Peter Mooring note: 'While in their hotel rooms'. This means that the attacks go through wall and/or through glass and/or through wood (door). It would be incredibly stupid to build such a weapon into the television in their room. This could easily be disassembled.


  1. CIA agents suspect they were attacked with microwave weapon in Australia | ABC News
    ABC News (Australia), 22 October 2020
  2. Russia suspected of Cold War-style microwave attack on CIA agents in Australia
    ABC News (Australia), 21 October 2020
  3. The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion
    CQ, 19 October 2020

Former CIA agent Marc Polymeropoulos victim of microwave weapon in Moscow (2017)

From [4]:

'"I was awoken in the middle of the night," recalled Polymeropoulos, 51. "I just had incredible vertigo, dizziness. I wanted to throw up. The room was spinning. I couldn't even stand up without falling down. I had tinnitus ringing in my ears." He suspected a bad case of food poisoning and carried on with his 10-day trip. The visit included meetings with senior Russian intelligence officials, a common practice despite the long history of tense relations between the two countries and their spy agencies. But a second bout hit a few days later. Polymeropoulos canceled his remaining meetings and felt fortunate to make it back onto a plane to the U.S.'


  1. After 26 years with the CIA, I had silent wounds
    CNN, 16 March 2021
  2. Experts: Former CIA agent victim of microwave weapon in Moscow
    CNN, 25 February 2021
  3. How radio frequency waves ended a CIA officer’s career
    PBS NewsHour, 12 December 2020
  4. A CIA Officer Visits Moscow, Returns With Mysterious, Crippling Headaches
    npr, 27 October 2020

Canadian Cuba embassy staff attacks (2017-2018)

Five Canadian diplomats and members of their families who fell victim to mysterious health complaints while posted to Cuba are suing the Canadian government for $28 million in damages.

From [1]:

'"They downplayed everything," said Diplomat Allen, who said he and his family are still suffering from a range of strange symptoms: his wife and son have developed vision problems; and he suffers from unexplained nausea and dizziness that months of physiotherapy haven’t fixed. One of his sons began blacking out for no identifiable reason while in Cuba, he said, and suffered another fainting episode in 2019 that saw him taken to hospital.'

From [5]:

(1 June 2017) '"That sound lasted 20 to 30 minutes, and I couldn’t find where it was coming from – then it faded, grew slower in pace and lower in frequency, and then I felt like I was going to throw up – I had the most overwhelming nausea," the middle-aged Canadian official said in an interview this week. He got through it, dozed off briefly and then was awoken again when his wife entered the bedroom carrying their oldest child, who was covered in blood. At around the same time his father had been experiencing what he called the loud noises, the child had suffered a "massive" nose bleed – "there was blood everywhere in his room."'

Peter Mooring note: important: 'at around the same time'. In other words, the attacks are synchronized.


  1. Canadian embassy staff warned to stay silent on "Havana Syndrome"
    Global News, 26 October 2020
  2. Canadian diplomats sue Ottawa for handling of 'Havana Syndrome' during Cuba postings
    CBC News, 8 Febrari 2019
  3. Diplomats sue Ottawa for $28M over health ailments during Cuba postings
    CBC News, 6 Februari 2019
  4. Blood and bureaucracy: Inside Canada’s panicked response to ‘Havana syndrome’
    The Globe and Mail, 12 December 2018
  5. Canada’s brain-injured Cuba diplomats speak out about Ottawa’s silence
    The Globe and Mail, 18 November 2018
  6. Canadian Lawsuit Complaint T-238-19 John Doe, Et Al v Hmq or here
    6 Februari 2019

USA Cuba embassy staff attacks (2016-2018)

From [2]

'Many of the officers suffered from dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and loss of hearing, memory and balance, and some were forced into permanent retirement.'

From [3]:

'Reported facts appear consistent with pulsed RF/MW as the source of injury in affected diplomats. Nondiplomats citing symptoms from RF/MW, often with an inciting pulsed-RF/MW exposure, report compatible health conditions. Under the RF/MW hypothesis, lessons learned for diplomats and for RF/MW-affected civilians may each aid the other.'

From [4]:

'The Navy sought to paralyze. The Frey effect was to induce sounds powerful enough to cause painful discomfort and, if needed, leave targets unable to move. The weapon, the Navy noted, would have a "low probability of fatalities or permanent injuries."'

'James C. Lin of the University of Illinois, a leading investigator of the Frey effect, described the diplomatic ills as plausibly arising from microwave beams.'


  1. Havana syndrome
  2. Report Points to Microwave ʻAttackʼ as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies
    New York Times, 5 December 2020
  3. Diplomats' Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation
    Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, 30 November 2018
  4. Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers
    New York Times, 1 September 2018
  5. How an Alleged Sonic Attack Shaped U.S. Policy on Cuba | Times Documentaries
    The New York Times, 18 April 2018

USA Consulate Guangzhou, China, staff attacks (2016-2017)

From [1]:

'The situation in Guangzhou is eerily reminiscent of an episode in Havana, where, starting in the fall of 2016, at least 24 staffers at the U.S. Embassy incurred brain injuries after exposure to an equally mysterious source.'


  1. Opinion: A diplomat’s mysterious illness could jeopardize China’s relationship with the U.S.
    Washington Post, 6 June 2018

Mike Beck, a former NSA counterintelligence officer suspected he was exposed to microwave attacks (1999)

From [2]:

'Mike Beck, a former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer, who suspected that he was exposed to microwave attacks, while on an overseas assignment with a partner in 1996. Both men later developed Parkinson 's disease.'

From [3]:

'The National Security Agency confirms that there is intelligence information from 2012 associating the hostile country to which Mr. Beck traveled in the late 1990s with a high-powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate, or kill an enemy over time and without leaving evidence. The 2012 intelligence information indicated that this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microWaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system. The National Security Agency has no evidence that such a weapon, if it existed and if it was associated with the hostile country in the late 1990s, was or was not used against Mr. Beck.'

Peter Mooring note: 'intelligence information ... associating the hostile country ... in the late 1990s with a high-powered microwave system weapon'. This more or less means that these weapons were used already in the 1990's.

Peter Mooring note: 'bathe a target's living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects'. This means not only that these weapons go through, glass, walls, wood, but that they are powerful enough to cause serious damage to a human.


  1. After 26 years with the CIA, I had silent wounds
    The Guardian, 2 May 2021
  2. Was a spy’s Parkinson’s disease caused by a secret microwave weapon attack?
    Washington Post, 5 December 2017
  3. Unclassified
    New York Times, 16 October 2014

USA Moscow embassy staff microwaving (1976)


    New York Times, 8 July 1976
  2. Soviet Halts Microwaves Aimed at U.S. Embassy
    New York Times, 30 May 1979
  3. Russia targets American diplomats with new directed energy weapon
    Robert Lansing Institute, 18 May 2021

Laws prohibiting attacks with electromagnetic waves

From [1]:

'"Laws against electronic harassment — Electronic harassment is a term referring to the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person, not to be confused with cyberstalking. Laws against electronic harassment:

(1) Michigan — Public act 257 of 2003 makes it a felony for a person to "manufacture, deliver, possess, transport, place, use, or release" a "harmful electronic or electromagnetic device" for "an unlawful purpose"; also made into a felony is the act of causing "an individual to falsely believe that the individual has been exposed to a…harmful electronic or electromagnetic device."

(2) Maine — Public law 264, H.P. 868 — L.D. 1271 criminalizes the knowing, intentional, and/or reckless use of an electronic weapon on another person, defining an electronic weapon as a portable device or weapon emitting an electrical current, impulse, beam, or wave with disabling effects on a human being.

(3) Massachusetts — Chapter 170 of the Acts of 2004, Section 140 of the General Laws, section 131J states: "No person shall possess a portable device or weapon from which an electrical current, impulse, wave or beam may be directed, which current, impulse, wave or beam is designed to incapacitate temporarily, injure or kill, except … Whoever violates this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $1,000 or by imprisonment in the house of correction for not less than 6 months nor more than 2 1/2 years, or by both such fine and imprisonment." (Wikepedia)"'

  1. States that have electronic harassment penal codes
    Reddit, 2016
  2. Richmond Resolution On Space-Based Weaponry Prompts Flood Of Calls To Police From 'Targeted Individuals'
    CBS SF Bay Area, 1 June 2015





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